Who do I care for my Roses?

If your rose heads should flop, cut the stem end at an angle, wrap the heads in paper to keep them upright and place the stem in boiling water for up to an hour. Should this not work, please contact us. Keep roses away from draughts, fruit and radiators. The cooler the room the longer they will last.

Rose Bouquet –Remove all packaging and cut the stems with a knife at an angle (do not sue a scissors) or crush the stems-this prevents the rose from taking up water) Stand the roses in a vase of deep water and add the flower food. Change water at least once a w eek.

Hand tied of Roses-We suggest removing the roses form all packaging .You do not have to untie the stems, just re cut them as above and place in a vase of fresh water and add the flower food. Change the water at least once a week.